3/31 CIT/CBI Finals Notes

31 Mar

Season Predictions: 2051-1856-89, 403-339-19

NCAA Tournament: 32-26-2, 13-10-1

Wyoming really took advantage of shorthanded Coastal on a quick turnaround in the altitude, and game 2 got way out of hand. Wyoming’s shots were falling, tired Coastal’s weren’t, and when you have two jump shot dependent teams with that disparity, you end up with a final score like that. The good news for Coastal is that science tells us your body acclimates to the altitude after 48 hours, but this is still an uphill climb for the Chants given the travel, short rest, and injuries. Coastal’s looks against the Wyoming 3-2 zone weren’t terrible in game 2 however, and if their legs are more acclimated, they could certainly be more competitive tonight, but it’s all about the jump shots falling. If they’re not, Wyoming can run off misses and this series will end in a blowout.

The CIT final has St. Peter’s being shipped right back to southern Texas, but at least Corpus had to go east to the burbs of Baltimore for thr semis, so they’re on the same travel schedule. To put it simply, John Dunne is a defensive mastermind, and Welton can guard Thomas in space, and while Wyche and Patterson are smaller, they can lock down on the perimeter, even against Amin and Kilgore. If not for bad luck, the Peacocks could have been one of the most celebrated midmajors on the country. 5 of their 6 MAAC losses were by a single possession, and two came in OT. Corpus is going to have to execute in the halfcourt efficiently, and Thomas runs into a defender who can check him inside and out.

PREDICTIONS: Wyoming -8.5, St. Peter’s -3.5


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