CBI Championship Series Notes

27 Mar

The best of three CBI series between Wyoming and Coastal Carolina probably comes down to two main factors: 1) Who hits their jump shots more efficiently (both are fairly reliant on the three offensively, particulary Wyoming, who attempts them at the 15the highest rate in the country) and 2) Who responds more effectively to the cross country travel. Coastal had been out west to Utah and Vegas this year (and played in altitude), and they had some extreme travel in their first year of SBC play. Wyoming meanwhile never ventured anywhere near east of the Mississippi. The Pokes will fly east to Conway, then both teams will spend their off day traveling to Laramie. So while Wyoming has the advantage of two games at home, they also have to make the cross country flight twice in two days. Outside of those factors, scheme wise Coastal has some issues. As I mentioned, Wyoming loves to jack up the 3, and they love to spread the floor in transition and shoot/slash off a heavy dose of drag screens. Coastal is a poor transition defense, especially getting back off misses, which is where Wyoming really attacks under first year coach Allen Edwards. Cliff Ellis willl throw out his ubequitous junk zones to slow Wyoming down, but once the Pokes figure out what they’re looking at, it’s just a matter of the jumpers falling or not. Wyoming defensively plays a no gamble man but extends into the backcourt with their guards, and they have a lot of length/athleticism 2-5, and are able to switch on ball screens effectively. The Chants will really miss Wiggins in this series, as he would likely be able to live in the lane off the dribble against Lieberman. With the versatility and length of Adams, Dalton, and James, Ellis’ small lineup used to create mismatches at the 3/4 with Wilson and Ray-St.Cyr really loses a lot of its effectiveness, and coud be the key to a Wyoming CBI title. We’ll see how Wyoming responds to the travel and Ellis’ shifting defense tonight, but this is a series they have more advantages in and should win. 

Prediction: Wyoming -1 

Season Predictions: 2049-1853-89, 403-338-19


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