2/5 Sunday Thoughts

5 Feb

SEASON PREDICTIONS: 1389-1180-54, 267-228-14

Lafayette +16.5 (Lafayette doesn’t play defense (as usual for a FOH team), and it’s troubling that Klinewski and Lindner both went off in the first meeting against BU’s 1-2-2 zone press and they still lost easily. Havener was suspended last game and BU missed him on the glass. Not sure of his status today. BU went 18-34 from 3 in the first meeting, which doesn’t seem like they can replicate that efficiency, but anything is possible against this Lafayette defense. Home teams have oddly been cursed in these CBSSN nationally televised PL games.)

Yale -6 (From yesterday after the power outage caused this postponement. Yale was good defensively against Princeton offense, and Earl essentially lifted the playbook when he went to Cornell. The good news for Yale is that Big Red isn’t nearly as good defensively as the Tigers and won’t expose ball control issues that pop up for Yale. Extra rest probably good for Oni’s knee.)

Clemson +7 (Brownell typically fares well from a defensive standpoint against Hamilton because the Tigers don’t allow much in transition, and the Clemson offense is, in theory, better than in previous matchups.)

Temple -15.5 (Whether a blowout or USF quasi competes totally dependent on jump shooting Temple’s shots falling or not against packed in USF defense. Boost for Bulls with Thorpe back, someone who can actually bring the ball upcourt.)

UNC -8.5 (Extra prep for Brey is dangerous, but Irish can’t compete on glass even if they coerce Heels into jump shots. Good shooting Irish will have ample opportunities from perimeter though.)

Indiana +14 (Potential is of course there for this to get really ugly with my Hoosiers severely shorthanded and off a 3OT affair, and Crean and Madison simply don’t mix well. However, Crean is going to be forced to play Davis and Bryant together a lot today, and Purdue had success with Haas and Swanigan together against the Badgers. Obviously those two are better than Bryant/Davis, but Davis has shown flashes as a big to big passer. Or maybe I’m a warped, delusional fanboy. Green is going to have to prove he can hit some jump shots though, as I’m dubious that the rumored return of Blackmon actually comes to fruition today.)

Iowa -4.5 (I laughed off the idea that Iowa is better without Jok (still think it’s foolish), but then they rolled again without him. He’ll be back today, but it doesn’t make Iowa any easier to predict on a game by game basis. It’s all about jump shooting variance with them, on both ends. First meeting Nebraska hit their jumpers (particularly Watson). Basically I have no idea.)

Colorado +6.5 (Buffs playing better on their mini win streak. They’re not going to be able to capitalize on second chance opportunities like they have been in Pac12 play against a very good rebounding Cal team, which is problematic because the Cal defense simultaneously takes away looks at the rim and the three point line, while not allowing much of anything in transition. You basically have to be an efficient two point jump shot offense, and that’s where the Buffs can maybe take advantage with Johnson and King and find some buckets in the midrange. Cal’s legs on short rest off 2OT is worrisome.)






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