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NBA Draft thoughts

25 Jun

1. Minnesota: Karl Anthony Towns– Clear number one pick. Has no obvious holes in game, and looked to me to be more fluid away from the rim than with back to the basket. Low bust potential.

2. LA Lakers: D’Angelo Russell– Real potential to turn into a Steph Curry clone. Ridiculous ball handling, passing, and court awareness skills. Has the same knocks Curry had coming into draft…can’t finish consistently at rim and can’t defend. Those are easy things to improve. Will end up being the best player from this draft because he’s the current ideal of an NBA point guard. Lakers steal him from the Sixers, who apparently covet him.

3. Philadelphia: Jahlil Okafor– Most bust potential of top 3. Has only one discernible skill, and that’s his ridiculous post ability. Granted, the one skill is dominant, but it’s a skill that’s quickly become passe in the NBA. He’s an absolute zero defensively, and incapable of playing any more than 10 feet away from the basket. Absolutely has to be paired with a rim protecting big on the court at all times, and that’s just not the NBA model anymore. It’s like drafting a hard hitting safety early in today’s NFL.

4. New York: Kristaps Porzingis– Seven footer who plays in open court like a 2/3. No idea if he can protect the rim or play any sort of PnR defense. Looks like he could be ideal stretch 4. Huge upside but anchored by huge downside this high for a team that basically needs every single position filled.

5. Orlando: Mario Hezonja– The most impressive on tape Euro, without question. Could be a legit 20+ a night scorer for years because he can beat you off screens, off dribble, backing you down, etc. Of course, none of this could translate to the NBA because I’ve only seen highlight tapes. For all I know the guy has no left hand and will be crushed into a cube when he faces the rangy length of NBA 3/4 defenders. But those highlight tapes…

6. Sacramento: Emmanuel Mudiay– Who the hell knows what’s happening in Sacramento right now, so who the hell know who they’re going to draft, but if Mudiay is here, they won’t pass on him. He’s an elite finisher at the rim, ridiculous in transition, has great size at PG, could be a lock down on ball defender, great in PnR game, but he can’t shoot. Like at all. Not only can he not shoot, but his form is atrocious. That “unfolding a lawn chair” form he has on his jumper needs a LOT of work. George Karl seems like a patient guy though…

7. Denver: Justise Winslow– Super safe pick. A truly versatile defender who doesn’t have much upside offensively. Has a decent enough jumper, but can’t do much off the dribble, shooting or attacking the rim.

8. Detroit: Frank Kaminsky– SVG wants immediate help, and Kaminsky is the stretch guy he can put out there with Drummond. A safer Porzingis at this point, but Kaminsky could turn into a poor man’s Porzingis later down the line. Or maybe the other way around. I don’t know.

9. Charlotte: Stanley Johnson– If not Russell, I think Johnson ends up being the best player in this draft. Versatile defender who has a good stroke to couple with a still burgeoning offensive games. LeBron James super lite.

10. Miami: Cam Payne– NBA ready point guard. Not a great shooter, but offers everything else a point guard needs in the NBA.

11. Indiana: Willie Cauley-Stein– Unfortunately I think my Pacers go with one of the more overrated players in the draft. WCS is an outstanding defensive player, but I think the “he can guard 1-5” is more folklore than fact when it comes to the NBA, which makes his lack of offense even more glaring.

12. Utah: Myles Turner– One of my favorite players in this draft. Superb athlete whose offensive skills will develop under anyone other than Rick Barnes. Huge upside here.

13. Phoenix: Trey Lyles– The opposite of WCS. Great offensive versatility with his height, but no defense.

14. Oklahoma City: Kelly Oubre– The most athletic and most potential talent left on the board for OKC.