11/21 Friday 7pm thoughts

21 Nov

A few thoughts on the games starting at 7….

IPFW vs Georgia Tech

Gregory brought in a ton of height (most importantly Charles Mitchell) but IPFW is going to spread the floor and make you come out and guard them. Should be an interesting game in terms of contrasting styles. If IPFW is hitting and make the GT bigs move around the court, they can win this game.

Troy vs Georgia

Fox’s teams simply don’t shoot the 3, and Troy’s defense is built to do one thing, force you to shoot a 3. Troy might keep this one close for a bit of Georgia settles back and Djurisic and Gaines are content with the open 3.

Youngstown St @ Eastern Michigan

The Penguins lost Perry, Belin, and Weber, and teams are rightfully zoning the hell out of them. Enter EMU and Murphy’s zone. It’s not quite where it usually is because of significant personnel losses on the front line, but it will definitely be good enough to shut down YSU almost completely.

George Washington vs Virginia

Potential to be a great game, especially if Lonergan’s 1-3-1 can frustrate UVA when he busts it out, but Savage, McDonald, and Garino have been shooting poorly from outside. Against the pack line you have to be able to knock down some shots because penetration simply becomes not an option. Griffin might get some minutes, but you sacrifice defense in that situation.

Texas vs Cal

Texas becomes increasingly reliant on their bigs with Taylor out. Cal will zone the Horns, but offensive rebounds for the Horns will be a major problem for Cal. I love the Bears’ backcourt and think that unit can win them this game. If Iowa had half of the talent of Cal’s backcourt, they would have won last night. For Cal it’s just a matter of how bad they get pounded on the glass. If they can limit it somewhat, they can certainly win against a team without their PG.

UNLV vs Stanford

UNLV has gone from the heavy Morehead St that they struggled with, to the aggressive man to man of SHSU that they struggled with, to Stanford now that will mix and match depending on personnel. I fully expect Dawkins to use his amoeba zone early against the poor shooting Rebels, especially since Rice has been using a bigger lineup recently. It seems that Wood has ceded playing time to Okonoboh, and I think he’s more capable of defending Nastic, one of the premier back to the basket scorers in college hoops. Rice has also been primarily using a 1-2-2 zone, which he’ll probably stick with given how efficient Nastic has been.


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