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26 Jun

Some quick thoughts on one of the deeper drafts of the past decade or so…(also, I hate being negative about players, but some of these blurbs might be construed that way. Sorry.)

1. Cleveland– First, I think Cleveland would be wise to trade down in a draft as deep as this one, but I’ll go with ANDREW WIGGINS here. Wiggins doesn’t have the NBA ready offensive game of Parker, but he has a higher ceiling, and is a much better defender. If he smooths out the rough spots in his offensive game…superstar. 

High End Comparison: Clyde Drexler

Low End: Gerald Henderson/Xavier Henry 

2. Milwaukee- JABARI PARKER NBA ready game, and easily the most polished offensive player in the draft. Not nearly as athletic as Wiggins, but has an NBA jump shot in hand 

High End: Less explosive Bernard King aka Carmelo Anthony 

Low End: Josh Howard 

3. Philadelphia- If Cleveland moves down, I think they move down here and take Embiid, but assuming Philly stays here, I’ll slot them in for DANTE EXUM and that might mean they trade MCW. Exum is the most intriguing player in the draft in my mind. Can finish around the rim and has a smooth release on jump shots that comes naturally off dribble, but what I’ve seen was against less than stellar competition. Also big questions of whether he can actually play PG effectively in the NBA, which negates a lot of his “intrigue”. Could see him taking a Jalen Rose type fall tonight. 

High End: Prime Penny Hardaway

Low End: Reece Gaines

4. Orlando- Think this could be Embiid, Vonleh, Smart, or Exum. I’ll go with NOAH VONLEH. Vonleh is a freakish athlete who has proven he can run the floor as a high motor big, plus he’s developed something of an outside shot, kinda. He’s young, which is a plus, but needs to get tougher, which will come. 

High End: Chris Bosh/Jamal Mashburn

Low End: Sean May

5. Utah- AARON GORDON Maybe the best athlete in the draft. Really good ballhandler for his size, but has zero jump shot, like can’t even hit a free throw type of jump shot. 

High End: Kawhi Leonard

Low End: Dan Roundfield

6. Boston- JOEL EMBIID, but I personally wouldn’t touch Embiid if I were in the top 10, especially in this draft. Major back and foot problems already for a big man? Plus rumors that those aren’t the only physical issues he has? I love Embiid, but that’s terrifying. Moves extremely well for his size, but again, how long will that continue after foot surgery (particularly concerning given the type of foot injury) and pre-existing back problems? 

High End: Poor man’s Hakeem

Low End: Hate to say it, but similarities are there…Greg Oden

7. Lakers- MARCUS SMART 

High End: Healthy Derrick Rose

Low End: Marcus Banks

8. Sacramento- JULIUS RANDLE 

High End: David Lee

Low End: Poor man’s Tyrone Hill

9. Charlotte- It seems that Charlotte is going to go with DOUG MCDERMOTT here, but I would personally go with Elfrid Payton or Gary Harris if I were drafting. 

High End: Poor man’s Dirk Nowitzki

Low End: the dreaded Adam Morrison

10. Philadelphia- NIK STAUSKAS 

High End: Kyle Korver, although I appreciated Stauskas’ ability to put the ball on the floor this year. \

Low End: Casey Jacobsen

11. Denver- ZACH LAVINE One of the more intriguing prospects in the draft. Unbelievable athleticism, great length for a guard, and can shoot the ball. Unfortunately, I’m not sure he knows the rules of basketball. I saw him look utterly lost on the court at times last year (see NCAA tournament for a prime example). Could develop into a great pickup, or an utter bust.

High End: Poor man’s Russell Westbrook

Low End: Poor man’s Gerald Green

12. Orlando- If I’m a Magic fan, I’m begging for ELFRID PAYTON here, depending on the fact that Orlando doesn’t get Exum or Smart at 4 of course. Might see Shabazz here too, since he’s a far better shooter and that pairs better with Oladipo. Payton’s a defensive freak with a suspect jump shot and some turnover issues, but I think he’s the best PG in the draft.  

High End: John Wall

Low End: Eliot Williams

13. Minnesota– GARY HARRIS Harris is one of the better two way players in the draft in my opinion. Steal here for Minnesota.

High End: Bradley Beal

Low End: Jeremy Lamb

14. Phoenix- DARIO SARIC Consult Fran Fraschilla for info on Saric